After some detours, I am once again living in Frankfurt am Main, where I was born. Subsequent to studying visual communication, I worked as a filmmaker – you can find more information about my films here. In addition to working on my films, I have turned my focus more and more to photography, now switching evenly between the moving and the still image. 1997 I got a residency in Cesky Krumlov (Moldau Stipendium of Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst) during which I found myself moving more towards photography.

There are similarities and opposites in the fields of film and photography. The observing moment and process of exploring, I value in both. The photographic image, as a single image, I perceive as contemplative. Putting one image in dialogue with another causes a narration in the viewers’ mind. A series can deepen a theme. Photography is a language with its own specificity.

My pleasure in photography is the process of clipping out space and time and transforming them into an image. I’m drawn by the valuable in the mundane. 

For me Photography is an art of discovering things and shifting them into a visual expression. Open minded, and with some luck and matching circumstances, I find my pictures everywhere. I call them improvised treasures.


2019 – Kunstfabrik Wixhausen – Group Show „Set in Motion“

2018 – projektHaus Leistikow – Solo „Transform“

2021 – Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse – Bild2Film


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